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TRU-LIFT   Automatic  Tonearm  Lift  Lifter

Carlo and Dino,

You will remember me as the individual at the Montreal show who, with your cooperation, traded up to a Tru-lift for use on his 1996 VPI TNT Jr. Now that the Tru-Lift is in place and operational it has been possible to assess its worth.

Although the advantage of such a device is obvious, for a long time I shrank from marring the appearance of my table with an after-market gadget, a reservation that was completely extinguished by the aesthetic simplicity of your discreet brass tower’s clean lines, conservative dimensions, and high-quality materials and finish. The innovative mechanism which operates the device is ingenious and elegant, allowing easy set up, one-finger priming, and a smooth and gentle treatment of the turntable’s arm every time. You’ve recognized exactly what the need was, and provided a well thought out solution. Thank you. If only life were always like this.

Steve in Montreal

I have an VPI Aries II turntable with the tall HR platter.  I use the 3rd height pod to achieve the correct height.  About 2.71 inches height. Installed the Tru-Lift today.  A bit of trail and error to install.  Sensitive setting of trigger arm is easy to adjust. Works great and looks fancy, matches my Turntable.  A must have, if you have a cartridge you care about.
Thank You,
Randy Banta

Carlo, Received and setup the arm lift the other day and it works fantastic.  I have been looking for something like this for awhile and was forced to use the Expressamo arm lift.  It works but it is very abrupt and moves the arm to the side as it lifts which is hard on the stylus. 


You need to advertise more as everone with a turntable should be using these.

Thanks, Warren Jung - Texas, USA

Tried some other tonearm lift and I didn't like the way they looked or how they worked. I contacted Integrity and they assured me  that their product didn't have those problems. I decided to try it and they were right. Fantastic product for an old fussy  turntable guy.

Chuck Kelly | Toronto Ontario

I see one product in Europe but prefer the look of Tru Lift tonearm lift for my turntable. I also save money and very happy for my  purchase. Thank you... Ragazzi.

Giovanni Cisternino | Milano Italia

 I have been in the electronic world for over 40 years and have seen and repaired everything. I decided to purchase Tru-Lift when I saw it as I have returned to vinyl and find the safety it provides for my needle is well worth the fair price and lifetime guarantee.

G. Phares | Electronic Engineer

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