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Customer Testimonials

Tru lift is the real deal. I have tried the cheaper plastic products that attempt to offer automatic tonearm lift and I wish I hadn’t wasted a penny on them. The tru lift is beautiful built like a tank and gently smoothly and consistently lifts my tonearm at the end of the lp. No dealing with setting spring tension and only being able to get too much spring or not enough to lift the arm, just position as Carlo recommends, fine tune for your longest running record and enjoy what it’s like to not feel like running to the table at the end of the record, sit back and truly get involved with the music knowing your stylus is protected. Also know that Carlo of integrity hifi is an exceptional person. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was a satisfied customer, and I can also say that he took great care of my father in law for our tru lifts and stylus cleaners when we discovered they were available. If there is any mistake with your order or your product rest assured that Carlo will make things right no matter what happens. A real fine product line, lovingly crafted, exceptional support if you need it, lifetime warranty all for a work of art that will reliably protect your expensive cartridge so you can relax and enjoy to the end of a record. After spending 70$ on a lifter made of plastic that basically ended up in the trash, it was wonderful to find tru lift that is smooth and will last for a lifetime with no quirky adjustments for really not that much more money considering the difference in quality of materials and absolutely smooth lifting performance. If you are reading this review and don’t have a tru lift on your table, know that you will be a satisfied customer. Thanks so much And please keep up the great work Carlo!!

Corey Logsdon

I’ve purchased the stylus cleaner from Carlo and find it to be a great piece of engineering. It’s beautifully built and takes the hassle and the anxiety out of cleaning such a delicate piece of equipment without the risk of damage. Carlo is a pleasure to deal with!

Andrew Millett

Tru-Lift works well with my VPI and Rega . Had a problem with one . There was a new at my door 3 days later . Outstanding customer service well done Carlo Lupo . Great product for our turntables!!!

Chris Carbone

The Tru-Lift is an amazing piece of equipment. First of all the craftsmanship is 2nd to none. I looked at several products that didn't come close to the quality of the Tru-Lift. When it's late and your a little slow to get off the could the Tru-Lift comes in handy. I have a really nice cart and I don't want it grinding away if I am slow to get up or get distracted. It works correctly every time. Carlo, is an absolute pleasure to deal with. He called me directly when I had an issue getting the Tru-Lift positioned properly on my VPI Classic. I owned it for about a year before I decided to get a Deluxe Rotating Stylus cleaner. WOW! It's beautiful product and works like a champ! Couldn't be happier.

Tim Keith

The Tru Lift lifter and stylus cleaner on my VPI Prime Have been flawless. No longer do I have to run to the turntable at the end of an album. The stylus cleaner makes it very easy to give the stylus a quick cleaning T the beginning of each album. Quality products made by a great guy. Thank you

Lawrence Coblentz

I just have to commend Carlo’s technical assistance that he’s offered me personally re: the tru-lift and further, my VPI turntable and set-up issues. He has gone far and beyond the necessary to ensure proper functioning of the aforementioned equipment in a most friendly matter, with quick responses to messaging and staying with me until all issues resolved! This man and his company are a true gem!! 6 star service

Brad Robertson

I've had my Tru-Lift for about a year now, and it was the FIRST accessory I bought for my VPI Prime Signature. I already realized the need for one, and lived the style, functionality, and build quality....a no-brainer to me! Then I saw some pics of Carlo fooling around with a stylus cleaner design, and I begged him to sell me one :D. Both are well made, and do their jobs with elegance and simplicity. And as a bonus, Carlo is a true pleasure to work with.

Neil Weiss

What can I say about Tru lift? An amazing product that will save your stylus from unnecessary wear. Tru Lift works flawlessly every time lifting my tone arm up in a smooth fashion. It truly is a perfect product and every turntable should have one.

Jeff Eakin

Carlo is the best. He went out of his way to help me, and make me a very happy customer. He was also very generous and caring helping me with a birthday gift for our friend. His Tru-Lift products are excellent and highly recommended, I love them!

Charlie Edgar

Carlo is an absolute pleasure to deal with, beautiful products at a reasonable price. Thanks Carlo Lupo !!!!!!

Bill Mardquardt

It arrived today, faster than expected. It works perfectly and looks like a piece of art. I'm very pleased!

Jesse V

Excellent service from Carlo, very rapid responses and follow-ups. But even more important, the Try-Lift is a genius little gem, that does what it should, Protect your precious cartridge! at the end of the music by lifting the arm. Also the needle cleaner seems to work fine, though my experience with it is limited so far. Warmly recommended. Oh... and these little gems add a beautifull look-and-feel to your turntable

Rens Jensen

I received my Trulifts that I ordered (along that of Joey & will give to him on the weekend).

I like them a lot. The design and concept are phenomenal in my proudest opinion.

Orland Padilla


J’ai acheté mon Tru-Lift en 2016 au salon de l’audio de Montréal. Quand j’ai vu le Tru-Lift J’ai toute suite su qu’il était essentiel pour compléter ma table tournante. C’est un produit conçu et produits au Canada, il est beau bien fait et il est solide comme un Tank lol. Le Tru-Lift EST !!! essentiel pour sauver une cartouche voir votre aiguille si vous oublié votre table tournante ou que vous tomber endormi lors de votre pièce favorite après une dure journée d’ouvrage lol . C’est un must !!! 12/10 et c’est fait ici au Canada en plus .

Michel Lonergan

Hi Tina,

I got the Stylus Cleaner today what a Concept in in style, It looks like it was made for my VPI Aries 1 Turntable, Man I love it, Thanks for service.


Works great with VPI Aries 3. Carlo also provides great customer service. Highly recommended.

Gene Ess

I love my Tru-Lift! I can’t believe I only discovered it recently. The Tru-Lift is absolutely essential to save unnecessary wear on your precious cartridge. It’s super easy to install, looks fantastic, and works like a charm. And thank you Carlo Lupo for the incredible service!

Arthur Di Dio

I love my Tru-Lift! I can’t believe I only discovered it recently. The Tru-Lift is absolutely essential to save unnecessary wear on your precious cartridge. It’s super easy to install, looks fantastic, and works like a charm. And thank you Carlo Lupo for the incredible service!

Arthur Di Dio

I bought my first Tru-Lift at the Montreal Audio Show 4 or 5 years ago. It was the first generation and 3 years later it went defective. I contacted Carlos and he told me there could be an issue with the fluid in the first generation and that he would gladly replace it as there is a life warranty on his products. Not only did he replaced it but he offered me to send a new one with the larger base that would be a better fit for my VPI HRX. Carlos is a true gentleman and he is passionate about audio and music. It is very easy to do business with and he is very honest and kind person. Since my first Tru-Lift I also bought the Deluxe Rotating Stylus Cleaner. Another great product from Integrity HiFi. Well conceived it add a touch of luxury to my VPI HRX. The Tru-Lift works flawlessly and very gently elevate the tonearm at the end of the record. It is very easy to install and gives me peace of mind. The Stylus Cleaner is perfect for cleaning the diamond of my SoundSmith Sussurro cartridge and I just love it! I recommend anyone with a turntable to buy with confidence any product from Integrity HiFi.

Gilles F.

Great little gadget that I didn't know I needed until I got one. Now I don't want to live without it. Great quality, looks great and, more importantly, WORKS great. Takes a bit of initial fiddling, but hey, what doesn't in this crazy hobby - am I right?? Highly recommended!

Michael R. Miller

Michael R. Miller

Been using trulift since it got out. I love the simple design yet very elegant and classy. Easy to install and works great. Must have for any turntable that doesn't have a tonearm lifter. Customer service is topnotch. Awesome customer service! Carlo Lupo is down to earth and treats you well. I still need to get one of his stylus cleaner to match up my VPI Sig Prime Rosewood. Two thumbs up! 5 stars!!!

Eugene De Leon

Great lift. I bought 2 at the show and been using them since. a fantastic addition to my Oracle with the Audiomod arm and to my Technics MK5 with a Rega tonearm.

Every TT should have one.

Very well made and works perfectly.

Yves Paradis

I received the Tru-Lift on Wednesday. I installed it later in the afternoon. Tru-Lift is the 3rd lift” I purchased for my Pro-Ject Turntable. It is true, 3rd time lucky and the first having the lift that actually works as promised. My Ortofon Cadenza Blue and myself would like to thank you for the precision machine you designed and manufacture. Not only function but, it looks great. The machining is second to none. Now I can rest easy and know I will get many, many more hours with my stylus. 

Michael Barrett

I just set it up minutes ago and what a fantastic device, it works like a charm! I don't know how or why people design devices for such specific purposes/applications, but I'm grateful they do!

Many thanks for your courteous and prompt services!

Dainel F.

Can’t say enough good things about Integrity HiFi. The stylus cleaner is a perfect product for a vinyl lover. Kudos to Carlo Lupo and the rest of the Integrity team.

Jon Tsukiji

When I first heard about the Tru-lift, I thought, oh, I don't mind getting up every side. Then, I got one, and now can't imagine life without it. I can leave the room when the record is almost over, I can sit outside and not have to run in at the end of the side. The best thing is you get the convenience of a direct-drive table, without the drawbacks! And Carlo is one of the nicest guys ever!

Jean Smith

The product looks great and works wonderfully. I no longer have to rush to the TT to pickup the "needle" at the end of the record. Great support from Carlo... A++++

Marco Fernandes

Carlo’s products work great and his customer service is second to none.

Brent Cassel

Great product Trulift and unmatched customer service, questions answered on the spot.

Chris Johnson

Great product and great service...a must have for any vinyl lover.

Chadd Rohrer

By far the BEST tonearm lifter available. Own a manual turntable? The Integrity Hifi Tru-Lift tonearm lifter is your stylus' best friend!

Allan Tribandis

I use tru-lift on each of my three tables. It’s crazy to have a $1500 table with a $1000 cartridge and not spend a couple of hundred on something that will protect them...not to mention the albums. On my VPI Avenger, The Tru-Lift works flawlessly and has absolutely saved my cartridge and albums when I’ve fallen asleep during late listening sessions.

Highly recommended

Lee Shelly

I just wanted to send you both a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your excellent customer assistance and your amazing product.

In January, my home audio expert came to my house to set up and install my new Music Hall MMF 9.3 turntable (black) with my new Tru Lift tonearm lifter.

After some minor adjustments, and after applying a new dab of the blue sticky stuff for the bottom (to hold it firmly in place), the tonearm lifter works perfectly, and it looks very cool (hi tech) on my turntable in stainless steel.

Your product makes my "LP music listening experience" worry-free and extra special.

I will be sure to recommend your excellent product to all of my friends.

Brent Freefield

I took delivery of the Tru-Lift yesterday and after unpacking it and giving it time to acclimatise, I was able to install it on my turntable in a matter of minutes.

The Truth Lift is finished beautifully and compliments my Michel Gyro Dec with SME tone arm. The Truth Lift sits on the tone arm plate and in no way seems incongruous.

It is great to be able to sit down and listen to an LP play through to the end and have the tonearm lifted effortlessly for you, and no longer feel compelled to rush up to the turntable at the end of the last track to avoid the audible reminder of the wear and tear you are inflicting on the stylus. My wife however was disappointed to learn that it didn’t also return the tonearm to it’s resting place - there really is no pleasing some people!

Many thanks for your help and advice throughout the whole process, from initial order through to delivery. A very efficient service.

Paul B. UK

I started with a Tru-Kleen, liked the fit and finish so much that I sold my previous tonearm lift and purchased Integrity’s Tru-Lift and never looked back. In fact I looked forward. When Integrity announced a new product being developed I was intrigued...a couple months later my Tru-Sweep arrived.

Like the other Integrity products the fit and finish is second to none. More importantly the product functions perfectly. Not only does it provide a secondary dust cleaning but it all but eliminates the static electrical crackle when I lift the vinyl from the platter. Set up took about 10 minutes, fine tuning the VTF about 15. All in all the “Sweep” is a must have for serious vinyl lovers IMO.

J. Tsuki

Completed the Trifecta of Integrity Hifi turntable accessories, the Tru-Sweep!

Same excellent quality and functions perfectly! Carlo Lupo, great job again with the Tru-Sweep!! What could possibly be next??

Allan Tranbandis

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