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Tru-Lift Automatic Tonearm Lifter Specs & Set up

Choosing Tru-Lift Automatic tonearm lifter model & Set up instruction

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With the platter stopped and needle sitting on the record - as Shown in the diagram.

Carefully measure the distance from the top of the plinth to the underside of the tonearm. Please Refer to the "X" in the diagram.

1. Choosing The Right TRU-LIFT automatic tonearm lifter for your table - 

Watch video below.

TRU-LIFT automatic tonearm lifter SETUP

2. Step by Step instructions on how to correctly set up on your table after purchase - See Guide 

below from A-E.

A. Measuring the distance between plinth & tonearm. With the platter stopped & the needle sitting down on the record (still position), measure the distance from the top of the turntable plinth to the underside of tonearm.  

B. Allowing for clearance between tonearm & TRU-LIFT. (As shown in the picture B - reduce 1/16" from picture A). Reference picture A - measures 1.5" & picture B is reduced to 1 7/16".

C. With the Supplied Allen Key - Loosen set screw on the side of the TRU-LIFT and raise to desired height.

D. Aligning TRU-LIFT with the runout groove. ( please refer to the "yellow laser line").

IMPORTANT / CAUTION: Platter must be in STOPPED POSITION to proceed with the next step.

E. With the Tonearm cued up and TRU-LIFT in the ready primed position, Place TRU-LIFT automatic tonearm lifter between the tonearm base & the record. (Tonearm should be touching the "trip Release" antenna at this point).

3. Tru-Lift automatic tonearm lifter

Set up & Placement - Watch video below.

4. Fine Tuning Sensitivity Adjustment - Watch video below 

More Videos on "Sensitivity Adjustment"

Summary Video on "Set up" of Tru-Lift

Set up instructional video for

Technics 1200 TRU-LIFT automatic tonearm lifter

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