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A Tonearm without bearing friction? 

A Tonearm without a Uni-Pivot? Impossible! 

You can never have an arm without friction! So You might think...

Up until now!

Introducing The TRU-GLIDER a revolutionary Tonearm that will offer superior sound reproduction but with Zero friction points. Our innovative design incorporate a straight zero offset with pendulum suspension meaning the arm is virtually weightless.

TRU-GLIDER is suspended at a Single point by means of a very fine polyethylene, Dacron Monofilament. 

It doesn't rest on the pivot point. 

There's just enough clearance to control the arm movement. 

TRU-GLIDER is friction free and is made from the highest quality materials. It’s unique styling and operation speaks for itself.  Built-in Tru-lift is also used as the que device with a longer rail. 

TRU-GLIDER is a straight tonearm and therefore doesn't need anti-skate.  It works along the same principal as a Linear tracking tonearm but without friction or mounting. 


Available through SELECT Retailers listed Below:

2 measurements are required for both OFF BOARD & ON BOARD models.

A. Height from placement board or plinth to the top of the platter.

B.  Mounting distance from center spindle

Picture of your table should be sent to the Retailer.


Please contact us for any assistance or questions - [email protected]